Husband | Portrait

Alright folks let's take a break for a little personal post. This is Will, my incredible, goofy, wise, handsome, jokester, talented, (and so much more) husband. He has his hands full most of the time with building his pedalboard, reading and working for our church Taproot, so he doesn't get to tag along much for my shoots.

So I saw an opportunity when I had two Senior guy sessions booked and needed some new locations for them. I will say that I guess I wasn't super clear and  once we got downtown to do some scouting I started to direct the hubs like I would one of my clients and well, lets just say I had do let him be a little silly and there was definitely some bribing with coffee that happened. Its not often that I get him in front of my camera so I was over the moon to have some new shots of my handsome man!


It didn't take long for things to get silly

For all the trouble he gave me I managed to get some good shots! 

The middle face here is my favorite 

Isn't he HANDSOME?

Annnnnnd right back to goofing off. But that's what I love about him, there's never a dull moment at our house.