Just In Time | Wentworth Maternity | Emily Louise Photography

I have a special place in my heart for first-time parents and the experience they get to journey through together as their entire world changes. There will be a brand new person in their life that neither of them has known before, but soon this stranger who is really no stranger at all will become someone who seems like they have always been there. It's almost hard to believe that this little baby has not always been a part of their world. Jason and Christine are the first time parents in this mini blog post, and when they were just days away (3 to be exact, although we did know it at the time) from welcoming their little girl we made these memories for them to cherish forever! And no joke a couple days after we took these images they got to meet their sweet little girl Olive! 

I don't think I'll ever be able to adequately express how valuable it is to have memories like this. Having these moments in seasons of your life preserved allows you to truly live in the moment wherever you are, and then be able to transition from that time into the next phase of your journey because you have this tangible reminder of where you've been and how its shaped you into where you are now. We can't and shouldn't go back to the past, but these images allow us to hold on to it in a way that edifies our experiences and enrich our present. 

If any of this has tugged at your heart or reminded you that it has been a hot minute since your last memory making session, please shoot me a message! I would be honored to give you some memories of where you are now.