About Me | Update

Hi friends! I haven't done this in a while so here's a little "About Me" post! It's good timing too since I just had a pretty significant life change happen three weeks ago when my husband Wil and I welcomed our little baby Piper Joy into the world! So now I am a mommy to this beautiful lady, wife to an incredible man who loves us so well, and a photographer who sees the emotion and beauty in the moments between people as well as the worth and significance in every human being and longs to capture all of the above!

I struggle with my own worth and value as well as my confidence in  "how good I am" or "how successful at photography I am" but I had a thought the other night about my journey as a photographer/business owner and as a mom. I am still new at mommyhood, but even in all the learning and uncertainty there is a confidence that I will "get it" and we will learn together how to take care of this tiny human. So it should be with my craft and career as a photographer. I will "get it", I "will learn and get better and better" 

So, that's me and where I am currently. I look forward to meeting more of you and capturing the special moments and times of you and your family as you too grow and change with those around you! 

Let me know when you want to schedule a memory making time with me! A cute baby may accompany me as my little assistant :) Call/Text: 206-696-3137
or Email: myemilylouise@gmail.com

Thank you to Tessa J for the INCREDIBLE images! I can't wait to see the full newborn/family session she did for us!