Baby #2 | It's A . . . | Personal

We are SO thrilled to share with you all that Piper is getting a baby SISTER! Bring on all the bows, flower prints, and neutral matching sister outfits! We got to find out yesterday that the little one wiggling around inside me is a girl, and for the afternoon we dwelt on that sweet reality before sharing it with family and friends!

In each step of this journey God graciously and lovingly shows me that He has a beautiful and unique story for me and my family that sometimes looks different than I desire or anticipate. But time after time I come to see the beauty of how He cares so deeply for me, my husband, our kiddos, and everyone we come in contact with. This girl is already so loved, and in ways I won't fully know I love her until well after she is born and a part of our family that feels like she has always been there.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!