Long Awaited Miracle | Allison&Rickey | Maternity

Hello friends! This post is looooooong overdue (not a pregnancy pun), so much that I won't even mention how long. The sweet lady has had her baby, he is growing like a weed and just cut his first tooth.  I'm working hard to curb my image collecting problem and get these stories off of my screen and in front of people who will be moved by them and relate to their narrative. 

Let me begin by telling you about these two INCREDIBLE people and their story of how they came to be in front of my lens on a crisp Seattle fall afternoon a few months ago. His name is Rickey, her name is Allison, and the baby boy who's name I now know was at the time a secret held securely in their hearts until he made his entrance into the world. To say they have had a long and trying time on their way to parenthood would be a drastic understatement. They waited and prayed for 1533 Days and were challenged, tested, and brought close together in a way that only trial can. I was privileged to do their Announcement Reveal (LINK to that post HERE) so I have been close to their journey and it enriches every time we capture memories of them together. 

My hope and passion in creating these images and memories of this profound time is that they would look back and remember all that they were feeling, anticipating and celebrating. There would not be this new life without the two of them, what they journeyed through and the miracle that was created inside Allison.  As her hands cradle her still growing child, the deep love and devotion is evident in her face. As Rickey stands surrounding his wife and the life inside her, the way he will do absolutely anything to protect them and make life the best it can be for them exudes from his strong warm smile. Look upon these images and connect with their story, celebrate with them and ask yourself what do you want to remember from your life right now.