Bumpdate: A Confession of Distraction

I was about to post a recent senior session, but then I realized I should update the blog and you all on the pregnancy seeing as the last update was when we found out we were having a little baby girl! (Name announcment to come soon!) 

Any whoo, we are currently at 30 weeks over here and me and the little lady are doing really well! We're getting bigger everyday over here and increasing also are the thoughts of "OH MY GOD WERE GONNA HAVE A BABY, A REAL BABY SOON!!!!" 

It's exciting and I know there are so many things I won't even be able to prepare for, but I know that it is going to be the craziest most awesome journey that we will go on! 

So here are all the bump shots in a row for ya! Enjoy! 

19 Weeks

Our sweet little mango

22 Weeks & About 11.5 inches long!

24 Weeks

And no she didn't shrink to the size of corn kernels, she was actually about the size of an ear of corn!

28 Weeks and our not so little baby eggplant


Stay tuned for more updates and the future name reveal!