Cassie, Kendra, April | Sisters

"Sisters, sister, there were never such devoted sisters", is the song from the movie White Christmas that I haven't been able to get out of my head while getting these images ready to deliver. It is a pretty accurate description of these three who wanted to do a sister session before they began a season of long distance. Kendra and her family who are close friends of me and my husband were moving cross country to Virginia, Cassie and her little guy Easton live in Canada with her husband and April who got engaged pretty recently after this (CONGRATS!!) is here in Tacoma. 

I truly felt honored to be a part of this sweet time between these ladies. The laughs were much, as was the baby wrangling. April is the sweetest aunt to her two little nephews and Kendra and Cassie are incredible mothers who take great joy in seeing their sons love on each other, which in this case consisted of the older cousin Jeremiah teaching little Easton the ways of eating dirt and sticks!