Sweet Sister | Newborn | Emily Louise Photography

Every time I am invited into a family to document a newborn session I recognize the trust and vulnerability that it embodies. It is not a small thing to invite someone into the postpartum time where you are getting to know your new little human and recovering from all that birth can be. This session of Baby Juniper (how CUTE of a name is that!!!) was no exception. Talia, Jens and their oldest Hero let me into this tiresome but precious time in their lives as they welcomed Juniper into theirs. I hope you see the rich love that exists in this family and how cherished this little lady is. 

As always, if you are expecting a little one or know someone who is, please send them my way! I jump at the chance to capture newborns and their families!!! 

You can reach me HERE or send me a message via myemilylouise@gmail.com

Long Distance Love | Alexis&Manuel Lifestyle | Emily Louise Photography

It's a scorcher here is Seattle!! so I thought it would be nice to cool us down with this session that I got to do for Alexis and Manuel when he was visiting back in February! SPOILER! He has since moved to Seattle, and they don't have to do the long distance thing anymore!! YAY! This was something we bonded over since my husband and I began our relationship long distance and I remember what it was like getting to know each other and not being able to be in the same place! But you can't tell from these images that they've ever been apart! They soaked up their time together and getting to have a session to remember this part of their journey was incredibly special for them. 

Ill let the images speak for themselves and inspire you to make some memories of your own journey! Contact me HERE or shoot me a message at myemilylouise@gmail.com!

Baby #2 | It's A . . . | Personal

We are SO thrilled to share with you all that Piper is getting a baby SISTER! Bring on all the bows, flower prints, and neutral matching sister outfits! We got to find out yesterday that the little one wiggling around inside me is a girl, and for the afternoon we dwelt on that sweet reality before sharing it with family and friends!

In each step of this journey God graciously and lovingly shows me that He has a beautiful and unique story for me and my family that sometimes looks different than I desire or anticipate. But time after time I come to see the beauty of how He cares so deeply for me, my husband, our kiddos, and everyone we come in contact with. This girl is already so loved, and in ways I won't fully know I love her until well after she is born and a part of our family that feels like she has always been there.

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!

Milo 6Month | Milestone | Emily Louise Photography

I have had the privilege of meeting with this dear family when little Milo was still in inside his sweet mama, following them through the newborn stage, and most recently when Milo turned 6 MONTHS OLD!! I still kick myself when I get to go along on the journey of families and people as their lives ebb and flow. Milo was so silly and endearing the entire session, and his mom and dad were a joy to see as they devotedly loved their little man.

I hope to do more Milestone Sessions with many more families as kiddos grow and change so much so fast! Send me a message HERE to set one up! Even if your kiddo is 8! Thats a super fun age with a lot going on! 


Those eyes are something else aren't they? Captivating is only the beginning of describing them! 


Baby #2 | A Journey To Hope


Hi friends! Yes, it's true! We are expecting our second baby in December! We still can't believe it, and its been something I have been hoping for since Piper(our daughter) was only a couple months old. Crazy I know, but I definitely wanted to be a "two under two-mom". But truthfully it has been hard in the waiting for God's timing and plan, but as time goes on I am so grateful for exactly how this journey is unfolding. 

Here's some more honesty for ya: I am struggling to be excited and it's not because I don't want to be pregnant or am intimidated by having another baby. Its because I am scared to hope.

I am scared to jump in all the way and believe that this is really happening.

I am scared to trust God and His goodness and love for me and this baby, no matter the outcome.

I am scared that we won't show up at another midwife appointment to find that our sweet baby isn't there.

You see we have had two losses in our family making journey and both times I was beyond excited, telling everyone and anyone I could to share in the joy of a new miracle, only to show up at our initial midwife appointments to see an empty sac on the ultrasound screen. The first was our very first pregnancy in February 2015 and the second was in January 2018. I felt shame in hoping and trusting that what I thought was happening was not actually happening. I wanted to close myself off to mourning and just get on with the process, but that was really so that I could try to handle it on my own and not trust that in the midst of suffering God truly cared about me and what I so desperately desired.  

So here we are, 17 weeks along and fighting everyday to hope. Hope that this baby is growing healthy and strong, hope that God continues to transform my heart into a trusting and vulnerable one that is there for this baby every moment I get with them. I remind myself with each word I type that I am committed to being this little one's mama 100%, not just if I only get a few more weeks with them or decades to come. I hope that you hear my heart in this post, not a fatalistic or removed one, but a raw, open heart that wants to connect with others who have had a difficult time conceiving. I do not want to hid behind a smile and pretend that I'm super pumped everyday, but instead face my struggles head on with my tribe around me.