I am lifestyle photographer in the Seattle/Tacoma WA area. I specialize in natural lifestyle photography.

It is my passion to reveal to each and every person I photograph just how beautiful and fantastic they already are. I firmly believe that EVERYONE is photogenic and I want to celebrate that!

I believe an image should make you feel something, it should evoke emotion. It should take you back to the moment it happened and a thousand moments connected to it. This is what I want to create for you, moments upon moments that you will have for a lifetime.

Welcome to Emily Louise Photography where my world of creating, thrifting and love of nostalgia collide! My motto is if I can make it, bake it or create it before I have to  buy it, borrow it, or have someone else do it, I will.



I live in Burien WA with my handsome goofball of a husband Will. I love how he  keeps life both deep and interesting, I honestly cannot imagine life without him. 



Photos by Tessa J