Before Baby | Harjala Maternity | Emily Louise Photography

When Brenda contacted me about maternity and newborn photos and told me they had never had proffesional photos taken before, I was thrilled to be the one to document them and this transitional time in their lives. It's been Brenda and Seth for a long time and now there is a new little man in their lives. Stay tuned for the newborn session!!!! My heart swelled when she talked about being so excited that this new life was coming, but also sad that what the two of them had together would be closing to start this new chapter. We were able to honor the foundation of Brenda and Seth built together, and look forward in great anticipation to the arrival of their son. 

I hope you see how much these two love and care for each other as much as I got to experience it during their session! And if you are in this season too of mommahood then send me a message at !


Fearless Momma & Her Tribe | Clore Family | Emily Louise Photography

Hey there! It's Mid-November, Christmas is approaching and Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I started my Christmas gift getting list and sent off my wishes to Santa! Ok, ok, it was my mom, haha! Let's get back to why you're here.  Its been a hot second since I've posted here, but I'm back with a  warm sunset family session with some dear friends! Devin and Kendra are the kind of people that you meet once and you want to be friends with them forever. They are incredibly genuine, deeply desire to know people and love their boys fiercely.  I am inspired by Kendra and the way she loves her boys and leads her "guy tribe", and Devin has a joy that is contagious while tossing his kiddos in the air and hearing their belly giggles as the land in his arms. I hope you see and feel the joy that exudes from this family! 

And if this inspires you to make some memories for the Christmas cards that need to go out or just for yourselves, send me a message, I still have availability in December!

And then we handed off the kiddos to my assistant (read: handsome husband) and got some shot of just Devin and Kendra who celebrated their 3rd anniversary!

Golden Senior Gal | Delaney Mount Rainier HS '18 | Emily Louise Photography

You know how people use the phrase " I knew you when you were this big!" Well I definitly was thinking that when Delaney's Mom emailed me about her Senior Year photos! A couple years (ok ok, 6years) my husband taught at Delaney's grade school! I love to literally see the people I work with grow up! 

Delaney is enjoying her senior year, keeping up with friends at her school and ones at others that she grew up with! I loved hearing about how her and her best friend are collaborating to make sure they end up at the same college. How fun is that!! 

I hope you get a sense of hose laid back, and genuiniely sweet Delaney is! Here's to her future and the last year of high school!!


Little Newborn Bear | David | Emily Louise Photography

Brittany and Jonathan are some of the sweetest parents and human beings that I have ever met. In August they welcomed this fuzzy little bear who they named David, into their family. He fits in perfectly and I cannot wait to see how he grow into a handsome young mand. I hope you are swooning over the sweet gazes and rustic baby decor just like I was during their session.